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- Jin Han MD. PhD.
- Nari Kim MD. PhD.
- Jae Boum Youm MD. PhD.
- Hyoung Kyu Kim PhD.
- Sung Ryul Lee PhD.
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Hyoung Kyu Kim PhD.
Ph.D. : Inje University, 2008
Post Doc. : Inje University, 2010
Research Assosiated Professor : Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease Center, Inje University, 2010
Assistant Professor : Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease Center, Inje University, 2012
Research Interests
  • Mitochondria pathophysiology in cardiovascular disease
  • Mitochondria proteome
  • Mitochondria pathophysiology in metabolic disease
Selected Publications
  • B7-H4 downregulation induces mitochondrial dysfunction and enhances doxorubicin sensitivity via the cAMP/CREB/PGC1-alpha signaling pathway in HeLa cells. Pflugers Arch 2014
  • Mitochondrial modulation decreases the bortezomib-resistance in multiple myeloma cells. Int J Cancer 2013
  • The angiotensin receptor blocker and PPAR-γ agonist, telmisartan, delays inactivation of voltage-gated sodium channel in rat heart: novel mechanism of drug action. Pflugers Arch-Eur J Physiol 2012
  • Identification of potential target genes of cardioprotection against ishcemia-reperfusion injury by express sequence tags analysis in rat hearts. Journal of Cardiology 2012.
  • Human giant congenital melanocytic nevus exhibits potential proteomic alterations leading to melanotumorigenesis. Proteome Sci 2012
  • Beta Adrenergic Overstimulation Impaired Vascular Contractility via Actin-Cytoskeleton Disorganization in Rabbit Cerebral Artery 2012
  • NecroX-5 prevents hypoxia/reoxygenation injury by inhibiting the mitochondrial calcium unipoter. Cardiovasc Res 2012
Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease Center, Inje University, 633-165, Gaegeum-Dong, Busanjin-Gu, Busan 614-735, KOREA