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http://www.nature.com/nature/index.html Editorials No easy answers p255 Britain's regulator has taken a sensible approach to the fraught question of what kinds of genetic testing should be permitted on embryos. doi:10.1038/441255a Full Text | PDF (121K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Infection biology p255 Immunology and microbiology come together to fight disease. doi:10.1038/441255b Full Text | PDF (132K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patents for the people p256 Peer review comes to the patent office. doi:10.1038/441256a Full Text | PDF (103K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Research Highlights Research highlights p258 doi:10.1038/441258a Full Text | PDF (385K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- News Antibiotic faces uncertain future p260 It can kill superbugs — but may never get used. Helen Pearson doi:10.1038/441260a Full Text | PDF (389K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Neanderthal DNA yields to genome foray p260 Genetic material sequenced from 45,000-year-old male. Rex Dalton doi:10.1038/441260b Full Text | PDF (389K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How does a painkiller harm the heart? p262 Studies shed light on where Vioxx went wrong. Meredith Wadman doi:10.1038/441262a Full Text | PDF (172K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blogger reveals China's migratory goose farms near site of flu outbreak p263 Chinese admit breeding wild birds near Qinghai Lake. Declan Butler doi:10.1038/441263a Full Text | PDF (203K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sidelines p264 doi:10.1038/441264a Full Text | PDF (444K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Economists claim carbon cuts won't break the world's bank p264 Price tag for reduced emissions could be lower than expected. Jim Giles doi:10.1038/441264b Full Text | PDF (444K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top five in physics p265 Novel citation index highlights hot topics. doi:10.1038/441265a Full Text | PDF (186K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who is Mark Myers? p266 Nominee to head US Geological Survey is scrutinized. Emma Merris doi:10.1038/441266a Full Text | PDF (109K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- News in brief p268 doi:10.1038/441268a Full Text | PDF (186K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- News Features Visual neuroscience: Look and learn p271 Prevailing wisdom says the adult brain cannot learn to see if it had no visual stimulation during childhood, but blind people in India seem to be breaking all the rules. Apoorva Mandavilli reports. doi:10.1038/441271a Full Text | PDF (447K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Microbiology: Batteries not included What can't bacteria do? p274 Among their many talents, bacteria are the world's best electrochemists, creating a life-powering flow of electrons in a startling range of conditions. In the first of two features, Nick Lane asks what limits, if any, constrain this ability. In the second, Charlotte Schubert meets the people trying to put this microbial ingenuity to practical use. doi:10.1038/441274a Full Text | PDF (805K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Microbiology: Batteries not included Circuits of slime p277 doi:10.1038/441277a Full Text | PDF (841K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Business Japanese spin-offs face struggle for survival p280 Companies set up by academics are proliferating — but can they secure the investment they need to succeed? Ichiko Fuyuno investigates. doi:10.1038/441280a Full Text | PDF (370K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In brief p281 doi:10.1038/441281a Full Text | PDF (223K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Market watch p281 Colin Macilwain doi:10.1038/441281b Full Text | PDF (223K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Correspondence TGN1412: scrutinizing preclinical trials of antibody-based medicines p282 Søren Hansen and R. Graham Q. Leslie doi:10.1038/441282a Full Text | PDF (109K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Drug giants hamstrung by timid middle management p282 Raymond A. Firestone doi:10.1038/441282b Full Text | PDF (109K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ID paper wasn't impartial enough for committee p282 Yves Gingras doi:10.1038/441282c Full Text | PDF (109K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Supporting the use of artemisinin in combination p282 Victoria G. Hale doi:10.1038/441282d Full Text | PDF (109K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Commentary Neglected tests for neglected patients p283 Alternative ways to develop diagnostic tools for use in resource-poor settings can, and do, exist, argue Martine Usdin, Martine Guillerm and Pierre Chirac of Doctors without Borders. doi:10.1038/441283a Full Text | PDF (331K) See also: Editor's summary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Books and Arts From here to eternity p285 How do physicists cope with the concept of infinity in an expanding Universe? Peter Coles reviews The Infinite Cosmos: Questions from the Frontiers of Cosmology by Joseph Silk doi:10.1038/441285a Full Text | PDF (214K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lives after death p286 Steven Shapin reviews Alexander von Humboldt: A Metabiography by Nicolaas A. Rupke doi:10.1038/441286a Full Text | PDF (183K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A single survivor p286 Rick Shine reviews Lonesome George: The Life and Loves of a Conservation Icon by Henry Nicholls doi:10.1038/441286b Full Text | PDF (338K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exhibition: Martian arts p287 doi:10.1038/441287a Full Text | PDF (260K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Essay Concept Time for a change p289 Prokaryote: gene-sequence comparisons show the tree of life consists of bacteria, eukarya and archaea. The use of the term 'prokaryote' fails to recognize that an idea about life's origins has been proved wrong. Norman R. Pace doi:10.1038/441289a Full Text | PDF (120K) See also: Editor's summary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- News and Views Sociobiology: The Phoenix effect p291 A spore-forming bacterium can escape from social collapse and extinction with a single mutation that has a dramatic effect. Here is evidence that a cooperative system can recover from the very brink of destruction. Kevin R. Foster doi:10.1038/441291a Full Text | PDF (237K) See also: Editor's summary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extrasolar planets: A neptunian triplet p292 Three planets of Neptune mass have been discovered orbiting a Sun-like star known to have an asteroid belt. Exquisite measurements suggest that the search for habitable planets might be easier than assumed. David Charbonneau doi:10.1038/441292a Full Text | PDF (239K) See also: Editor's summary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Microbiology: Antibiotic stops 'ping-pong' match p293 As bacteria become resistant to existing drugs, there is a need for antibiotics with new modes of action. Such a compound has been found, and it works by binding to an intermediate in the catalytic cycle of its target. Eric D. Brown doi:10.1038/441293a Full Text | PDF (239K) See also: Editor's summary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Solid-state physics: When is a metal not a metal? p295 When it's an insulator, of course. Materials that should in theory conduct electricity — but don't — are well known, but the anomalous behaviour of one material has caused particular head-scratching. Steven C. Erwin doi:10.1038/441295a Full Text | PDF (290K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cell biology: Skin care by keratins p296 Keratin proteins perform several functions in skin cells, including those of providing mechanical support and protection against injury. But it seems they also have a more active part to play in healing wounds. M. Bishr Omary and Nam-On Ku doi:10.1038/441296a Full Text | PDF (215K) See also: Editor's summary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Plasma physics: Cool vibes p297 Ultracold plasmas blur the classical boundaries between the different states of matter. Newly observed electron-density waves could become useful probes of how electrons behave in this exotic regime. Thomas C. Killian doi:10.1038/441297a Full Text | PDF (219K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evolution: Experiments in botany p298 Henry Gee doi:10.1038/441298a Full Text | PDF (202K) See also: Editor's summary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Device physics: A bug-beating diode p299 A diode that emits light at a shorter wavelength than ever before shows huge — albeit destructive — technological promise. But further work is needed to ensure that this promise is fulfilled. Asif Khan doi:10.1038/441299a Full Text | PDF (163K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- News and Views Feature Microbial sciences: The superficial life of microbes p300 The social activities and organization of bacteria are crucial to their ecological success. But it is only in recent years that we have begun to study these secret societies. Roberto Kolter and E. Peter Greenberg doi:10.1038/441300a Full Text | PDF (327K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brief Communications Language evolution: Semantic combinations in primate calls p303 Putty-nosed monkeys rely on two basic calling sounds to construct a message of utmost urgency. Kate Arnold and Klaus Zuberbühler doi:10.1038/441303a First paragraph | Full Text | PDF (178K) | Supplementary information See also: Editor's summary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brief Communications Arising Immunology: Toll-like receptors and antibody responses pE4 D. Nemazee, A. Gavin, K. Hoebe and B. Beutler doi:10.1038/nature04875 First paragraph | Full Text | PDF (103K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Immunology: Toll-like receptors and antibody responses (Reply) pE4 C. Pasare and R. Medzhitov doi:10.1038/nature04876 First paragraph | Full Text | PDF (103K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Articles An extrasolar planetary system with three Neptune-mass planets p305 Christophe Lovis, Michel Mayor, Francesco Pepe, Yann Alibert, Willy Benz, François Bouchy, Alexandre C. M. Correia, Jacques Laskar, Christoph Mordasini, Didier Queloz, Nuno C. Santos, Stéphane Udry, Jean-Loup Bertaux and Jean-Pierre Sivan doi:10.1038/nature04828 Abstract | Full Text | PDF (860K) | Supplementary information See also: Editor's summary | News and Views by Charbonneau -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evolution of an obligate social cheater to a superior cooperator p310 Francesca Fiegna, Yuen-Tsu N. Yu, Supriya V. Kadam and Gregory J. Velicer doi:10.1038/nature04677 Abstract | Full Text | PDF (268K) See also: Editor's summary | News and Views by Foster -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The DNA sequence and biological annotation of human chromosome 1 p315 S. G. Gregory, K. F. Barlow, K. E. McLay, R. Kaul, D. Swarbreck, A. Dunham, C. E. Scott, K. L. Howe, K. Woodfine, C. C. A. Spencer, M. C. Jones, C. Gillson, S. Searle, Y. Zhou, F. Kokocinski, L. McDonald, R. Evans, K. Phillips, A. Atkinson, R. Cooper, C. Jones, R. E. Hall, T. D. Andrews, C. Lloyd, R. Ainscough, J. P. Almeida, K. D. Ambrose, F. Anderson, R. W. Andrew, R. I. S. Ashwell, K. Aubin, A. K. Babbage, C. L. Bagguley, J. Bailey, H. Beasley, G. Bethel, C. P. Bird, S. Bray-Allen, J. Y. Brown, A. J. Brown, D. Buckley, J. Burton, J. Bye, C. Carder, J. C. Chapman, S. Y. Clark, G. Clarke, C. Clee, V. Cobley, R. E. Collier, N. Corby, G. J. Coville, J. Davies, R. Deadman, M. Dunn, M. Earthrowl, A. G. Ellington, H. Errington, A. Frankish, J. Frankland, L. French, P. Garner, J. Garnett, L. Gay, M. R. J. Ghori, R. Gibson, L. M. Gilby, W. Gillett, R. J. Glithero, D. V. Grafham, C. Griffiths, S. Griffiths-Jones, R. Grocock, S. Hammond, E. S. I. Harrison, E. Hart, E. Haugen, P. D. Heath, S. Holmes, K. Holt, P. J. Howden, A. R. Hunt, S. E. Hunt, G. Hunter, J. Isherwood, R. James, C. Johnson, D. Johnson, A. Joy, M. Kay, J. K. Kershaw, M. Kibukawa, A. M. Kimberley, A. King, A. J. Knights, H. Lad, G. Laird, S. Lawlor, D. A. Leongamornlert, D. M. Lloyd, J. Loveland, J. Lovell, M. J. Lush, R. Lyne, S. Martin, M. Mashreghi-Mohammadi, L. Matthews, N. S. W. Matthews, S. McLaren, S. Milne, S. Mistry, M. J. F. M oore, T. Nickerson, C. N. O'Dell, K. Oliver, A. Palmeiri, S. A. Palmer, A. Parker, D. Patel, A. V. Pearce, A. I. Peck, S. Pelan, K. Phelps, B. J. Phillimore, R. Plumb, J. Rajan, C. Raymond, G. Rouse, C. Saenphimmachak, H. K. Sehra, E. Sheridan, R. Shownkeen, S. Sims, C. D. Skuce, M. Smith, C. Steward, S. Subramanian, N. Sycamore, A. Tracey, A. Tromans, Z. Van Helmond, M. Wall, J. M. Wallis, S. White, S. L. Whitehead, J. E. Wilkinson, D. L. Willey, H. Williams, L. Wilming, P. W. Wray, Z. Wu, A. Coulson, M. Vaudin, J. E. Sulston, R. Durbin, T. Hubbard, R. Wooster, I. Dunham, N. P. Carter, G. McVean, M. T. Ross, J. Harrow, M. V. Olson, S. Beck, J. Rogers and D. R. Bentley doi:10.1038/nature04727 Abstract | Full Text | PDF (210K) | Supplementary information See also: Editor's summary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Letters Suppression of dwarf galaxy formation by cosmic reionization p322 J. Stuart B. Wyithe and Abraham Loeb doi:10.1038/nature04748 First paragraph | Full Text | PDF (188K) | Supplementary information -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An aluminium nitride light-emitting diode with a wavelength of 210 nanometres p325 Yoshitaka Taniyasu, Makoto Kasu and Toshiki Makimoto doi:10.1038/nature04760 First paragraph | Full Text | PDF (338K) See also: News and Views by Khan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Links between annual, Milankovitch and continuum temperature variability p329 Peter Huybers and William Curry doi:10.1038/nature04745 First paragraph | Full Text | PDF (465K) | Supplementary information See also: Editor's summary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seismic detection of folded, subducted lithosphere at the core–mantle boundary p333 Alexander R. Hutko, Thorne Lay, Edward J. Garnero and Justin Revenaugh doi:10.1038/nature04757 First paragraph | Full Text | PDF (746K) | Supplementary information -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Embryological evidence for developmental lability during early angiosperm evolution p337 William E. Friedman doi:10.1038/nature04690 First paragraph | Full Text | PDF (372K) | Supplementary information See also: Editor's summary | News and Views by Gee -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copper-containing plastocyanin used for electron transport by an oceanic diatom p341 Graham Peers and Neil M. Price doi:10.1038/nature04630 First paragraph | Full Text | PDF (224K) | Supplementary information See also: Editor's summary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Horizontal endosymbiont transmission in hydrothermal vent tubeworms p345 Andrea D. Nussbaumer, Charles R. Fisher and Monika Bright doi:10.1038/nature04793 First paragraph | Full Text | PDF (278K) | Supplementary information See also: Editor's summary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Polycomb complexes repress developmental regulators in murine embryonic stem cells p349 Laurie A. Boyer, Kathrin Plath, Julia Zeitlinger, Tobias Brambrink, Lea A. Medeiros, Tong Ihn Lee, Stuart S. Levine, Marius Wernig, Adriana Tajonar, Mridula K. Ray, George W. Bell, Arie P. Otte, Miguel Vidal, David K. Gifford, Richard A. Young and Rudolf Jaenisch doi:10.1038/nature04733 First paragraph | Full Text | PDF (529K) | Supplementary information -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A TAS1R receptor-based explanation of sweet 'water-taste' p354 Veronica Galindo-Cuspinera, Marcel Winnig, Bernd Bufe, Wolfgang Meyerhof and Paul A. S. Breslin doi:10.1038/nature04765 First paragraph | Full Text | PDF (405K) | Supplementary information See also: Editor's summary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Platensimycin is a selective FabF inhibitor with potent antibiotic properties p358 Jun Wang, Stephen M. Soisson, Katherine Young, Wesley Shoop, Srinivas Kodali, Andrew Galgoci, Ronald Painter, Gopalakrishnan Parthasarathy, Yui S. Tang, Richard Cummings, Sookhee Ha, Karen Dorso, Mary Motyl, Hiranthi Jayasuriya, John Ondeyka, Kithsiri Herath, Chaowei Zhang, Lorraine Hernandez, John Allocco, Ángela Basilio, José R. Tormo, Olga Genilloud, Francisca Vicente, Fernando Pelaez, Lawrence Colwell, Sang Ho Lee, Bruce Michael, Thomas Felcetto, Charles Gill, Lynn L. Silver, Jeffery D. Hermes, Ken Bartizal, John Barrett, Dennis Schmatz, Joseph W. Becker, Doris Cully and Sheo B. Singh doi:10.1038/nature04784 First paragraph | Full Text | PDF (239K) | Supplementary information See also: Editor's summary | News and Views by Brown -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A keratin cytoskeletal protein regulates protein synthesis and epithelial cell growth p362 Seyun Kim, Pauline Wong and Pierre A. Coulombe doi:10.1038/nature04659 First paragraph | Full Text | PDF (422K) | Supplementary information See also: Editor's summary | News and Views by Omary & Ku -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Critical role for the p110 phosphoinositide-3-OH kinase in growth and metabolic regulation p366 Lazaros C. Foukas, Marc Claret, Wayne Pearce, Klaus Okkenhaug, Stephen Meek, Emma Peskett, Sara Sancho, Andrew J. H. Smith, Dominic J. Withers and Bart Vanhaesebroeck doi:10.1038/nature04694 First paragraph | Full Text | PDF (589K) | Supplementary information -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The mechanism of cell differentiation in Bacillus subtilis p371 Dagmar Iber, Joanna Clarkson, Michael D. Yudkin and Iain D. Campbell doi:10.1038/nature04666 First paragraph | Full Text | PDF (435K) | Supplementary information See also: Editor's summary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cleavage of pre-tRNAs by the splicing endonuclease requires a composite active site p375 Christopher R. Trotta, Sergey V. Paushkin, Meenal Patel, Hong Li and Stuart W. Peltz doi:10.1038/nature04741 First paragraph | Full Text | PDF (200K) | Supplementary information -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Naturejobs Prospect Prospect p379 Misconduct has ripple effects beyond the perpetrator. Paul Smaglik doi:10.1038/nj7091-379a Full Text | PDF (169K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Career Views Mahendra Rao, vice-president, research, stem cells and regenerative medicine, Invitrogen, Carlsbad, California p380 Stem-cell scientist heads for industry. Virginia Gewin doi:10.1038/nj7091-380a Full Text | PDF (123K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- International view from Japan p380 Kyoto students reach out for international collaborators. Keiko Muraki doi:10.1038/nj7091-380b Full Text | PDF (123K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The many legs of fear p380 How to avoid being 'bugged' in the lab. Mhairi Dupré doi:10.1038/nj7091-380c Full Text | PDF (123K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Futures The visible men p382 Or, down the multiversal rabbit hole. Michael Moorcock doi:10.1038/441382a Full Text | PDF (228K) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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