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Flavored Oxygen Rocks World of Energy Drinks and Supplements

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O2 Better World announced the release of their newest energy booster, Big Ox canned oxygen, geared towards runners, mountain climbers and other health-conscious athletes. Springfield, Mo. (PRWEB) June 22, 2007 -- Energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster face new competition from an unexpected source: flavored oxygen. O2 Better World announced the release of their newest energy booster, Big Ox canned oxygen, geared towards runners, mountain climbers and other health-conscious athletes. Traditional energy drinks derive their "kick" from caffeine, usually paired with a large dose of sugar. Other energy boosters include supplements and pills with the potential for negative side effects. Flood Your Body with Oxygen. "Big Ox flavored oxygen gives you Mother Nature's purest form of energy," said Tim Tialdo, president of O2 Better World. "This is ideal for athletes looking for an energy boost without side effects." The product drew inspiration from experts like Ed McCabe, a forefront authority on oxygen. "The mitochondria inside the cells are the electrical powerhouses of the body," said McCabe in his book, "Flood Your Body with Oxygen." "You need a good supply of oxygen for the mitochondria to efficiently burn food and generate energy." Easily portable canned oxygen holds special appeal for athletes who perform in higher altitudes, like mountain climbers. "I use Big Ox when I exercise in the mountains at high altitudes," said Stuart Walsworth, a Denver resident. "I've found that all activities that I do seem to get easier." Ninety percent of the body's energy comes from oxygen, but it only makes up part of the air we breathe. "Big Ox provides you with an all-natural boost of oxygen," said Tialdo. The energy drink has taken off with runners as well. Marty Busekrus, a Florida runner from Coconut Creek noticed the difference on his nightly 5-mile run. "It was amazing the added respiratory 'kick' I got," he said. Get information about distribution opportunities or order Big Ox online at BigOxRox.com or call O2 Better World toll-free (888) 864-6409. About Big Ox Founded in 2004, Big Ox is portable, canned oxygen used to accommodate today's busy, on-the-go lifestyles. Big Ox canned oxygen contains 89 percent oxygen-enriched air in every can and is available in four refreshing flavors: Citrus Blast, Mountain Mint, Polar Rush and Tropical Breeze. Big Ox is now available for distribution. For details visit www.bigoxrox.com.
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